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We provide insightful, engaging and relevant workshops on emotional intelligence and positive psychology. Call us to learn more and add value to your upcoming conference or membership training.

  • August 2, 2018

    New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers – Summer Development

    Enabling High-Performing Teams

    The most successful teams consist of people with diverse skills, who trust one another and work well together. Understand the 4 different communication styles and value the multiple perspectives; learn how to interact effectively with others; manage conflict when it occurs and flex your communication style to be better heard and understood.

  • June 20, 2018

    Relationship Management and Communication Needs: Your EQ Intersection for Positive and Productive Outcomes

    Participants will gain immediate insights into their communication skills and talents along with potential blind spots. They will learn and grow together in this highly interactive and practical workshop.

    Connecticut Community Non-Profit Alliance, Hartford, CT

  • April 12, 2018

    Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence for Successful Problem Solving

    Gain an overview of the emotional intelligence skills needed to effectively address problem solving and performance management issues. Develop greater self-awareness, improve clarity in challenging situations, access skill development and identify areas for improvement.

    TD Bank Business Leadership Series, Hartford Entrepreneurial Center, East Hartford, CT

  • March 21, 2018

    Drive Business Results: Define and Implement Your Unique Values Statement

    Distinguish yourself from your competition. Build trust and credibility in your product line or service. Attract and retain the right clients, customers, employees and/or investors. Resolve family or business partner disputes.

    NCCC Joyner Learning Center, Winsted CT

  • March 8, 2018


    Leveraging Feedback for a High-Performing Culture

    Effectively apply active listening skills and use peer coaching within the framework of a structured model, to improve team work, productivity and individual behavioral outcomes, while experiencing how to build trust quickly and effectively.

    Connecticut Community Non-Profit Alliance, Hartford, CT

  • May 8, 2018

    Stress Management for the Non-Profit Professional: Shift Your Mind Map for Positive and Productive Communication

    Back by popular demand, this workshop combines emotional intelligence and communication skill development to more successfully manage relationships with peers, direct reports and supervisors.

    Connecticut Community Non-Profit Alliance, Hartford, CT

  • May 31, 2018

    Transforming Conflict to Creative Solutions

    Add a powerful and practical lens to your conflict resolution toolbox. You will understand four core motivational patterns (temperaments) with corresponding needs, values, talents and behaviors to navigate differences, stressors and arrive at optimal solutions.

    Connecticut Community Non-Profit Alliance, Hartford CT

  • October, 2017 Leadership Northwest

    Enabling High-Performing Relationships and Teams

    Leadership Northwest is a program designed to develop resourceful, motivated business leaders who are committed to making Northwest Connecticut a better place to live and work. This one-day training addresses core interaction style patterns and corresponding core beliefs, talents, drives and stressors and how to effectively shift perspective to significantly improve communication and problem solving.

    Northwest Chamber of Commerce, Torrington, CT

  • October, 2017

    Stress Management for the Non-Profit Professional

    Rational analysis provides only half the solution to successful problem solving.  Also required is our ability to identify our emotions, accurately perceive others’ feelings and successfully communicate to be better heard and understood.  Explore and apply key principles of emotional intelligence to reduce stress, effectively respond to challenging situations and increase personal fulfillment and positive communication outcomes.

    Location: CT Non-Profit Alliance, Hartford, CT

  • March 2017

    What If Your Team Really Rocked? 

    Lively and interactive workshop to improve extraversion and introversion preference communication in meetings, during brainstorming sessions, or when mentoring or coaching for success.

    Connecticut Assisted Living Association Annual Conference, Rocky Hill, CT

  • Spring 2017

    Three Keys to Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence and Drive Team Potential:

    Discover the art of active listening and giving supportive feedback to leverage individual and team strengths, motivation and innovation.

    University of Hartford, Hartford Entrepreneurial Center

  • 2016 Conference Workshop


    What If Your Team Really Rocked? 

    Lively and interactive workshop to improve extraversion and introversion preference communication in meetings, during brainstorming sessions, or when mentoring or coaching for success.

    Annual Conference, Marriott, Hartford, CT

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