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Your True North: Living a Congruent Life

You are unique – a combination of nature, nurture, developed skills, practiced accomplishments and the ability to continually adapt and thrive. Yet sometimes you flex so successfully to accomplish your job that you sight of your passion and purpose along the way.

Perhaps you’re spending too much time on what you don’t really enjoy. You like your work – a lot – but not enough. Something’s missing and you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe you’re losing interest and finding its taking more energy to stay focused. Perhaps you’ve started to doubt your skills and talents, even lose self-esteem. Maybe you’re getting feedback that you just don’t seem your happy, motivated self.

Whether you are new to a career, growing your career or in career transition, we will help you identify and better align your work with your core needs, talents, values, motivation and drive.

Clients begin by identifying their preferred communication pattern and drive. Next, they move to understanding their Essential Motivator pattern and the core motivational needs that must be met for long-term success. Often, clients choose to further understand through an understanding of their preferred cognitive dynamics and where they most gain energy in decision making.

Become Engaged

Insights gained are practical and immediately applicable to identified needs and goals. Clients consistently report greater self-esteem, decision making, stress management and a new road map for fulfillment and talent expertise.

Client Testimonials

I decided to work with Deene because I wanted to improve my communication with others, especially in interview type situations.  I wanted more tools in my toolbox for situations where I was having trouble connecting with those around me. I liked Deene’s passion and knowledge for what she does. It was very encouraging and nurturing to me, who was totally new in this space.  I truly felt a progression over our sessions together, with significant growth and understanding at every step. The experience was positive and empowering. I now feel that I have ample tools to better communicate (especially in interview settings) and have the opportunity to gain further insights with the online resource provided to me. I would 100% recommend Deene to family and friends, especially recent grads like myself, that are looking to improve their communication in a substantial way. 

 T. Grant, Online Client and Recent College Graduate

There is a direct correlation between Deene’s work with our organization and our improved bottom line. Employee retention is up, while sick and overtime utilization is down. I see increased collaboration within my leadership team, new skills being used to successfully resolve team and interdepartmental conflict, better skills to coach direct reports – overall a happier, more motivated, engaged and invested work force. So despite being pulled away from their demanding work for training, our staff remains energized to learn and develop new interpersonal skills. Even the most skeptical employees are buying in with positive, behavior changes. It’s exciting and inspiring. If you are looking to take your organization to a higher functioning and positive culture, I highly recommend Deene.

Kevin O'Connell PT, MBA, CEO, Geer Corporation, Senior Services

Deene has an exceptional talent for assisting individuals and groups optimize performance and I was eager to learn more from her. I had already taken the MBTI assessment but I wanted a more in-depth understanding of my preferences to help in my work life. In working with Deene I had many of the questions confirmed, clarified and explored in much more detail. This was extremely helpful to me in regards to both my personal and professional relationships. In particular, Deene opened up a much greater understanding of an area that had always puzzled me, and this gave me a more concrete view of how others might perceive me and my actions – an  ‘aha’ moment for me. Deene is warm, intelligent and insightful. She gave me a fresh and in-depth understanding of my natural strengths and potential blind spots to integrate into my personal and work relationships.

K. McAllister, Senior Philanthropic Advisor, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

I walked away with the affirmation of what makes me “tick” – insight as to how to approach those with differing preferences and ideas on how to “recharge” my energy. Deene’s knowledge of personality type and the research behind it, her listening experience skills and life experience made for perfect coaching sessions!

J. Ruderman, Director, Tallwood Urology and Kidney Institute, Hartford Hospital

I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect on the amazing day we had at Central Connecticut State University, hosts of our 2018 Summer Workshop on August 2nd. This year Inspire Leadership presented on the topic of “Enabling High-Performing Teams and Relationships” to a sold out crowd of over 75 attendees who were given tools and ideas to help them learn to interact more effectively with others. We were thrilled with the turnout and the positive response from our participants. ~ NEACRAO, September 2018 Newsletter


 Tara Walor, President, New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Deene presented What If Your Team Actually Rocked? at our 2016 Annual Conference as a breakout session. The room was fulled with participants and her amazing energy. The breakout session covered increasing interpersonal communication skills, learning how to positively engage employees and how to implement a plan for team success. The response we received from her session was outstanding! (“Bring her back!”……”Energy ++++”) Thank you Deene! We look forward to working together again soon.

C. Verissimo, Membership and Events Manager, Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home

Deene is an excellent instructor! She is extremely knowledgeable on emotional intelligence and Type preferences. She facilitated this class perfectly and made all participants comfortable to share their experiences.  She gives learners all the important pieces of emotional intelligence to use and apply at work.  

D.G., Experienced training and organizational development professional

I have 35 years of experience assembling professional teams to create and produce new works of art and performance. In a recent consult with Deene Morris to review my preferences in relationship to my leadership style, I was both affirmed and challenged. I recognized many of my positive leadership behaviors and also identified areas of stress. The challenge going forward is to learn from these triggers, and while in the height of production stress, adapt some of my behaviors. Deene’s keen analysis and observations allowed our process to be fun and motivating. I would highly recommend her services to both leaders and groups dedicated to positive team building.

J. Burt, President, John Burt Productions, Chair, Seasons of Cambodia ​

Deene Morris is an amazing facilitator! She led our administrative team and Board of Education members to understand their personality type and leadership styles individually as well as their colleagues styles. She presented materials clearly, asked effective questions, and facilitated engaging activities. These experiences greatly enhanced our team’s communication with one another. Deene is not only knowledgeable, she is able to personalize her presentations to meet her audience’s learning styles.

Kevin D. Case, Superintendent of Schools, Canton CT

I am someone who loves to learn and grow and understand myself more deeply, so the opportunity to work with Deene on Type Psychology was a gift. Deene’s insightful questions, careful listening, and warm encouragement allowed me to really see and accept who I am and how I interface with the world around me. This has given me a strong sense of inner peace and new direction in my work. It’s good to be me!

D. Mason, MFC, IM, Private Practice

Taking the time to think seriously about future career paths can be hard and raises a lot of questions.  Deene’s work with assessments were the ideal method for me to find out about my strengths and challenge areas – amazingly accurate and structured.  It was a pleasure and eye opener to have Deene on my side to help me create a decision platform. Deene is a warmhearted and encouraging person and able to accurately put crucial things in a nutshell.  She is an empathetic listener and consultant and you can feel that she is highly passionate about what she is doing.”

A. S. Career Development Client

I completed a two-part program with Deene Morris and the experience was astounding. I had never participated in this assessment before, and while I expected to learn about my personality type, I quickly came to realize that working with Deene opened many surprising doors to understand better my own leadership and strategic preferences, strengths and contradictions. Her ability to engage fully with my goals and challenges, all the while providing me with expert resources to dig deeper into how to use my new understanding to improve team dynamics and individual creativity and productivity, was quite impressive. Moreover, I found participating in this process also shed light on many personal and family dynamics of which I had not be fully aware. Deene is a gifted and dynamic change agent and it is pleasure to highly recommend her.

A. Perkus, PhD, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, Fairfield University

Deene Morris has facilitated Personality Type for our Leadership Northwest program through the Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce. The Leadership program teaches business professionals leadership skills and how to work in teams with people of differing personality types. Every year, Deene brings new information and learning to the class and students walk away with a much deeper understanding of their personality types than they’ve ever been given before.  Many of them have done similar assessments but haven’t taken away nearly as much as they do with Deene. It’s their favorite class of the year!  The learning is immediately applicable for both individual and team development. The students apply their learning throughout the year.  I personally enjoy working with Deene because she’s enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about the topics she presents. She’s very organized and thorough, which makes planning the session a breeze. I would definitely recommend Deene for business professionals looking to grow both professionally and personally.

Lauren Zordan, ​Northwest CT Chamber of Commerce

Deene is a fantastic team builder and taught me how to understand Personality Type as it relates to interpersonal relationships. She is a great listener – patient, and inspirational. She can identify issues in a team and suggest communication techniques to resolve conflict. As a manager, I would recommend Deene to any group that needs help improving team dynamics and productivity.

K. LaMalva, Director of Annual Giving, UCONN Foundation

Deene’s abilities and expertise are invaluable! She helped me discover gifts I didn’t know I had and claim others I was reluctant to own. She is bright, thoughtful, engaging, caring and a joy to be around.

Senior Minister, Hartford Area, Connecticut

I decided to work with Deene after she provided emotional intelligence work with department heads at my facility.  My work with Deene has made a tremendous difference in my work and home life – just by being able to be more understanding and objective. I can step back and ask: Is this really important and do I really need to be involved? Most times, the answer is no for both. Deene allows me to be myself and teaches life lessons that are really easy to implement if I am willing to learn. It sometimes takes me awhile to catch on to where we are going, but it’s very exciting to realize the fruit of my labor. Conflicts become much less frequent and learning tools rather than a seat in the CEO’s office. Working with Deene has made me a more tolerant and compassionate person – not only at work but more importantly with my family as a loving, caring father and husband who appreciates the bigger picture now more than ever. I recommend Deene if you are willing to look at yourself honestly – the positive and negative. She’s an amazing instructor who has helped me in all facets of my life.

S. B. Individual Leadership Development Client

Why Deene? Our non-profit arts organization experienced significant growth in the last several years, and it was time to assess the effectiveness of our leadership and governance. We sought a professional to assist us with this potentially stressful process. With Deene’s help, our Executive Committee learned a lot about our individual leadership preferences, which came as a surprise to many of us who have worked together for over 20 years! We came to understand and appreciate the native talents we bring to our Board service and how to work together even more effectively to achieve our organization’s goals. Deene is an excellent facilitator who with grace and humor, skillfully kept our discussions focused. Deene’s extensive experience gives her unique insight into the challenges that boards face – an insight that proved very valuable to our Directors as we identified meaningful action steps that will result in positive change for our organization. For these reasons, I highly recommend Deene’s services to any non-profit considering a Board or governance review!

D. Carey, Board of Directors, Arts Organization

Working with Deene was an eye opening experience to say the least.  I’ve always had a “Type-A” outgoing personality and found it easy to get along with everyone; but after taking her class I may have been looking at things through rose colored glasses.  I just assumed that everyone thought the same way I did  – so going along with my ideas meant they agreed with me.  After the seminar I realized that this isn’t the case at all; instead, there are many, many types of personality and a good majority of them can be intimidated by mine.  What I saw as agreement was sometimes an unwillingness to argue or push back. This class really led to some self-evaluation in how I approach people and group work.  Now, instead of just pushing my agenda and expecting everyone to agree because they like me, I think about their point of view and the idea that they may actually have their own opinion but are not comfortable being open about it.  Deene’s program help open my eyes to the different personality types and how to get the best out of a team of very different individuals.  I would recommend her to anyone who has contact with people in any way, shape, or form.

M. Sweeney, Leadership Northwest Workshop Participant

Our team development retreat was a great success, and we accomplished more than I could have imagined. People gained a much deeper understanding of both their natural talents as well as their stressors from this staff workshop. There continues to be permanent, good results. Our team’s communication, cooperation and understanding continue to be better. Deene led an excellent workshop and I would highly recommend her to lead a team retreat.

Reverend T. Grinnell, Arlington, VA

I enthusiastically and whole heartedly recommend Deene as a learning and development workshop facilitator. I serve as an advisor for our Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership program and as a result, I have now attended Deene’s trainings three years in a row. Every year, I am astounded at what I learn. I always walk away with concrete insights about myself and how I deal with others, and then put this knowledge immediately to work with practical and positive interpersonal results.

There are many things I love about Deene’s workshops, but perhaps the most valuable is that her workshops are very interactive. She has us moving around, working with other people and completing exercises that really demonstrate not only our own communication style preferences, but also how those preferences can be perceived by differing styles. Deene engages all participants at their level of comfort and as a result, meaningful discussions evolve. Deene is engaging, extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend her for your next retreat, conference or leadership or team development training.

Debra Zavatkay, Ed. D. Registration & Adjunct Professor Northwestern CT Community College

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