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Think of me as your Interpersonal Adventure Guide

Teams with greater diversity take longer to make decisions, but they also make better decisions.

Together, we’ll embrace the challenge, adventure, and potential of the diversity and differences on your team or in your organizational system.

I work with CEOs, educators, business partners, and teams to guide them to a deeper understanding of their core needs, values, talents, skills, and behaviors.  As a result, people learn how they are showing up, how best to interact with others, and how to live happy, productive lives.

I call it living a congruent life.

We show up, fully ourselves, engaged, invested, and eager to leverage the knowledge, skills, and talents of others. It’s the enrichment factor, for you, your team, and your bottom line.

I spend a lot of time listening and use a variety of assessments to help you gain a broader perspective on what makes you and others tick. You’ll gain a road map for your journey ahead, without constraints and boxes to limit the possibilities.

Let’s start with a conversation and explore the next steps of your interpersonal adventure – taking you and your business to the next level of thriving and success.

Deene Morris, MA

Founder, Inspire Leadership, LLC

It's Time to Unleash Your Full Potential

25% IQ + 75% EQ = Success!

Did you know that I.Q. accounts for less than one quarter of our professional success? In contrast, our ability to effectively use our EQ skills contributes to the majority (more than three quarters) of our personal and professional success and fulfillment.

Emotional Intelligence


A set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

Emotional Intelligence

Is Your Team Working Together?

Psychological Safety is the most important factor for high-performing teams. Can you readily identify the signs of trust on your team?

Leverage the Cognitive Diversity
on Your Leadership Team!

Instead of a stalemate when differing opinions conflict or even clash, there’s another option.

By understanding how we naturally (and often most successfully) process information and make decisions, we can fully utilize our talents while seeking out thought partners to gain the broadest perceptive to make the best decisions.

Business is built on relationships. Developing and utilizing a shared language is essential to problem solving and success with all your stakeholders. We provide you with many tools and lenses to leverage your diversity and success.

Leverage the Cognitive Diversity on Your Leadership Team!
Is Everyone at Peak Performance? Co-workers at laptops.

Is Everyone at Peak Performance?

Are you and your team innovating, creating, communicating and being the best you can be? Feedback is essential to high-performing teams.

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