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We are deep thinkers, collaboration enthusiasts, and team mavens who love a grand adventure.

Do you tend to see the world through Be-Like-Me glasses?

If so, you’re not alone. We human beings are a complex bunch, and we need many different lenses to appreciate and leverage our unique talents together. Our mission is to empower the creativity, talent, diversity, and fulfillment of every individual within an organizational system.

Congruent Life

We believe in living a congruent life and support this integration with our clients.

Respect Matters

We engage in relationships of mutuality, respect and bilateral decision making with our clients.

Foster Interdependence

We foster interdependent and collaborative relationships while respecting our differing needs for dependent, independent and interdependent growth.

Forgiveness Matters

We believe forgiveness and reconciliation is an essential workplace practice.

Leadership at Every Level

We are Servant-Leadership practitioners and recognize that leaders exist at every level and directly influence the success of a company. We embrace leadership as a practice of first among equals.

Mutual Trust

We sustain enduring relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, respect and exploration.

Who We LOVE to Work With

We know that working with Inspire Leadership is a financial, emotional, and time investment for you and/or your teams, so we want to ensure you are 100% comfortable in your decision to choose us!  For a deep, powerful, and cohesive partnership, we’ve found that clients who share some of the common characteristics listed below have the most success.

Behavioral Health Coalition workshop

Common Characteristics of Our Most Successful Clients:

Growth Mindset:  Our clients care about best practice in everything they do, including training their teams, supporting diversity and sustaining relationships.

Multi Faceted: Our clients manage multiple, and complex relationships with many stakeholders including staff, boards, donors, vendors, parents, patients, parishioners, family, kids and community.

Crazy Busy: Our clients have an overflowing plate of responsibilities and need their staff and teams to equally embrace a growth mindset and manage multiple relationships (very) well.

Curious Cats: Our clients are curious and they intentionally create and invest in a culture of learning and growth for their teams.

Servant-Leadership Matters: Our clients prefer to serve in the leadership role as a first among equals. They want a culture of continuous learning where leaders emerge at every level.

Team Lovers: Our clients don’t have all the answers, and they don’t want to either. They want their staff to step up, at every level, to participate in problem solving and solutions.

Risk Takers: Our clients take risks and they model the way. They expect a lot from their staff, and are also open about their successes – and failures.

Culture Zealots: Our clients know that culture matures and that there is a direct correlation between happy, engaged staff and a better bottom line with lower turnover, fewer sick days, increased morale, and problem solving.

Let’s Work Together: Onsite or Online!

Individual Development

We love working with individuals to help them understand WHO they are and WHY it matters.  What are your core needs, drives, talents, communication style, stress triggers and solutions? How do YOU show up in the world with your EQ skills?  Clients have frequent “Aha” insights and gain actionable steps that are often life changing.

Team Development

Let’s make your team the best that they can be!  Whether a family owned business, a business partnership, or a large multi-faceted organization that needs to integrate the silos together – we’ll design a program tailored just for you.

Leadership Development & Assimilation

Strong leaders are always developing their leadership skills. Whether you are a new and emerging leader or a well-established leader, we have the tools to further your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and success.

Workshops, Conferences & Retreats

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a group transform before your eyes!  Our interactive, hands on programs are ideal for workshops, retreats and seminars.  Structured as a short one-hour session, or let’s make a big impact and go for a half or full day event!

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New Leadership Assimilation

You’ve invested the time and resources to hire new talent. Give them and your team the very best opportunity for rapid integration into your culture with our New Leadership Assimilation program.  Everyone will benefit and you’ll arrive at a new team agreement to guide the path forward.

Mission, Vision & Values Integration

When engaged with effectively, Core Values are one of your most powerful return on investment tools to use in hiring, performance reviews, corrective feedback, courageous conversations and recognitions and rewards. Let us help you define and align the behaviors essential for success to positively impact every aspect of your organization, whether large or small.

Need a Speaker?

Keynotes, breakout sessions or perhaps a speaker for your association monthly meeting – our speaking engagements are meant to be just that – engaging!  We get the crowd thinking, talking, communication and walking away with instant tools they can use in their everyday life both at work and at home.

Our Team

Who’s Behind the Scenes?

Deene Morris
Deene Morris, MA
Founder and Interpersonal Adventure Guide

My Story

Nothing in my life has gone in a straight line and probably never will.

So, here’s my story with some of the bigger twists and turns. Why I do what I do, what I love, and why it matters.

First, I’m a lifelong learner and student of leadership – servant-leadership to be specific. As much as I teach and facilitate, I spend equal time in my own learning and development.

I’m passionate about people and the potential to work better together. I’m naturally empathetic – and like all our gifts, it’s a blessing and a curse. However, it serves me well with clients. Because I’ve been there – in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the transformational.

I don’t take my clients anywhere that I haven’t been myself.

I’m a lifelong fan of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung – and grew up in a family where we used Psychological Type to navigate our (many) family challenges.

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Our Affiliate

Cindy Paris is the president of The People Skills Group and is our affiliate partner. Together we provide workshops for large organizations with multi-day retreats. Cindy is an experienced team and leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. Her purpose and focus is to help people work better together by tapping the potential in each individual to help them bring their best, whole-self, to the workplace.

Cindy approaches her work from the principle that self-awareness is the key driver for individual effectiveness, successful workplace relationships, good leadership and teamwork, and ultimately higher levels of organizational performance. Her methodology blends cognitive, emotional and behavioral models and feedback into a powerful process for growth and development for individuals, leaders and teams. Cindy is a frequent speaker for local, national and international Chapters of the Association for Psychological Type (APTi), and has authored numerous articles for The Bulletin of Psychological Type. Her practice and certifications include MBTI® Master Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Coach (EQ-i2.0) and a C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach.

Cindy Paris
Cindy Paris
MBTI® Master Practitioner, C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach - Our Affiliate and President, The PeopleSkills Group, LLC

Support Staff

Livvy Lou. Chief Engagement Officer
Livvy Lou
Chief Engagement Officer
ZoZo & Seymour Co-Directors of Curiosity, Chaos and Mindfulness
ZoZo & Seymour
Co-Directors of Curiosity, Chaos and Mindfulness

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