June 3, 2019

Before You Fire Him: Try This First!

When Terra (not her real name) called me, she was absolutely at her wit’s end. The cause? Michael, her fairly new, young, and salaried director. He seemed to think that being “salaried” meant showing up for work whenever he felt like it. He was chronically late for meetings as well—even meetings with her! She just […]

Assertive Communication, Feedback, Motivation
May 6, 2019

The Contagious Wave

I was driving down a two-lane road that cut through a dense, wet forest. It was raining and off in the distance I could see a person waving at the passing cars. This was not a Queen Elizabeth-style wrist-rotation wave, mind you—but a full-blown overhead-arching howdy-do to each car that drove by. I smiled in […]

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April 21, 2019

How’s Your Daily Grind? In Your Enthusiasm to Meet Goals, Have You Lost Yourself Along the Way?

Are you burning out from the entrepreneurial grind? That’s the question a friend asked recently, and I was startled. Burnout? Grind? Me? No! But her question got my attention. Thinking about it, the only time work became a grind was when I decided I’d be more effective and accepted if I were more like, well, […]

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Mission & Vision, Stress Management