Creating Powerful Leadership Relationships

Business Partnerships

Helping Business Partners Create a Communication Process that Works

Business partnerships are often referred to as marriages – and we completely agree!  The dynamic between business owners is complicated – personal – and requires a shared communication in order for it to work at peak efficiency.

Prior to launching Inspire Leadership I owned a business with a partner.  We had an amazing relationship, but like a marriage it took work, communication skills and compromise.

If you are struggling within your partnership – let’s see if we can get to the bottom of what is holding you back.

Can’t wait to connect with you!  

Deene Morris – Founder & CEO, Inspire Leadership

Does your Business Partnership Need a Check-in?

Most business partnerships need a regular check-in to ensure the lines of communication are open, and everyone is in the place they want to be and need to be.  

Download our free guide that outlines some of the red flags that often are signs that it’s time to stop and assess where you are and how to make things better.

Our Process and Solutions

Self Assessment & Discovery

It all begins with YOU.

We begin by providing individuals the tools and insights to understand their core preferences – patterns that reflect energy, perspective, needs, values and talents. This road map allows the individual partners to understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses and development opportunities.

Learning Activity Work

CoreValues & Common Vision

This part is SO important!   Digging deep to make sure all stakeholders have a shared vision for the company and understand and live the Core Values set forth for the company.

When partners understand WHY their company exists, it’s easier to define roles and lead creative and innovative teams.  This process is often eye opening and always fun!

Defined Roles

WHO is doing what

As a business grows (and that is our goal!) so do the roles of the partners.  Grey areas will lead to frustration and conflict.   We spend time with the partners to create a road map for growth and clearly define the rolls each will play as the company evolves and matures.  It’s important to have the right people in the right seats at the right times.  More importantly we work to ensure everyone is doing the work that aligns with their strengths and makes them happy!

Accountability and Measurement

Any good system or process has accountability built in.  It’s one thing to write down our plan of action and have the parties agree – it’s another to ensure everyone is doing what they agreed to. We work with the partners and often the teams to set up KPIs for success, and ensure all parties understand the result of not following to the plan.   Because life happens, its important to know what happens when milestones are missed and how to address conflict.

Every Day Life!

This work isn’t one and done.  Many of our clients decide they need ongoing support to help keep them accountable, onboard new employees to their new found process and culture.  This engagement is different for everyone – it may be weekly at times, monthly or even a bi-annual checkin and check up.  The support is there if you need it!

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