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Your Daily To-Do List

You regularly get up early and go to bed late. You are a servant-leader, and steward of the budget, board, and your district goals. You are a champion for the intellectual, social, emotional and physical learning and potential of your students.

You listen, you lead. You hold the whole for your students – intellectual, social, emotional and physical learning and potential– while juggling the pieces.

You motivate, collaborate, and innovate.  You partner with parents, principals, department chairs, teachers, staff, students, the board and the community.

You stretch, flex, pivot, persuade and problem solve for every age and at every level.

You live and breathe social and emotional learning and model the way.

That’s a lot to juggle on a daily basis.

We’re right here with you, providing the tools, training and coaching for rewarding interpersonal success.

Because everything you do depends upon the quality of your relationships.

Deene Morris is an amazing facilitator, coach and interpersonal guide! We started with our administrative team, and then the Board of Education to understand their own communication, motivation and leadership styles as well as their colleagues. We’ve now created an EQ Academy with a cohort of teachers and five workshops in a year. Our teachers enthusiastically embrace this learning and are integrating the social and emotional language into their classrooms. We even have an EQ workshop for parents – and use our new language in our hiring process to determine the specific EQ skills needed for a job position. The learning is contagious and spreading wide and deep.  Deene presents materials clearly, asks effective questions, and facilitates engaging activities. These experiences greatly enhance our team’s communication with one another. Deene is not only knowledgeable, she is able to personalize her presentations to meet her audience’s learning styles.

Kevin D. Case, Superintendent of Schools, Canton CT

Now’s the Time to Deepen Social & Emotional Learning into Your Culture and Curriculum!

Let’s Design the Best-Fit Program That’s Right for YOU and Your Team.

Who we serve

Board of Educations

Higher Education

Educational Membership Organizations

K-12 Administrators, Teachers & Parents

High School & College Students

Our Process and Solutions

We train leadership first, then teachers, in the 16 EQ elements  that impact every aspect of social and emotional learning. You’ll learn the five clusters of emotional intelligence: self-perception, self-awareness interpersonal relationships (and social capital), decision making skills and stress management.

You’ll gain the tools and training to improve problem solving, increase optimism and resiliency.  And you’ll significantly increase your positive and productive interpersonal relationships – with all your stakeholders – because EQ skill development is positively contagious!

Leadership First

Manage yourself first…manage others second

We begin with the key leadership stakeholders first. We help you recognize your skill development to successfully communicate your thoughts and feelings in conflict. We explore how empathy de-escalates tension, and how impulse control, interpersonal skills, stress tolerance and optimism guide you to enhanced problem solving and solutions.

Teacher Engagement

Let’s Communicate

Once leadership is united with a shared language, we bring the program to the teacher level.  Every workshop involves a self-assessment and then small group and large group dialogue and application. Participants gain practical insights and tools to apply with their peers, students and parents.

Parents & Students

The Magic

The magic truly happens as everyone becomes involved in the social and emotional learning process! Leadership, teachers, parents & students.  Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Beyond the textbooks, some fun stuff to read!

September 5, 2019

Permanent Whitewater & the Skylight: Life After Labor Day

I am not ready for the swift, chaotic current of business life.

Management consultant Peter Vaill calls the state of business now permanent whitewater. There’s no sense of an anchor or safe harbor on the shores. There’s no floating along in a kayak. We work at a constant and relentless pace requiring adrenaline, agility and astute discernment.

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