Essential Motivators™

Berens Essential Motivators CertifiedEssential Motivators™

Strengthen relationships by understanding the core needs and values that drive behavior

What motivates us to show up and do our best work?

Insight into this question is critical to our professional success, fulfillment and stress management.

Essential Motivators helps to answer this question. The theory dates back more than 25 centuries to the work of Hippocrates. It was reintroduced in the 1970s by behavioral psychologist, David Keirsey, in his book, Please Understand Me and further developed by his student and contemporary research psychologist, Linda Berens.

Essential Motivators tells us the why of the underlying needs and values that drive us – along with the talents we are more likely to develop, and the stressors that may lead to burnout. Because it is a behavioral model, it is also observable in others.

Essential Motivator patterns are dynamic, not static, and they influence, not limit, our behaviors and talents. There are four patterns:

  • Catalyst with a drive for meaning-centered contributions and a natural, diplomatic skills set
  • Stabilizer with a drive for continuity-centered contributions and a natural, logistical skill set
  • Theorist with a drive for mastery-centered contributions and a natural, strategic skill set
  • Improviser with a drive for impact-centered contributions and a natural, tactical skill set

Essential Motivators helps individuals understand their own needs and values, in addition to flexing to work more effectively with others. It is used extensively in coaching to support growth and success.

What are the Key Benefits of Essential Motivators?

  • Identify the situations where you tend to best perform
  • Understand core needs and how to meet them
  • Recognize core talents to further leverage for professional success
  • Identify core stressors and stress solutions
  • Increase confidence, contributions and fulfillment

Understanding the needs, values, and motivations that drive behavior can help people apply their strengths, avoid possible pitfalls, and learn to flex and work more effectively with others.

This lens is an excellent solution for supervisors who want to improve their coaching skills and motivation on their team or with their direct reports. It is also excellent for team building and is easy-to-learn and apply. Maximize your learning with an online, one-year leadership and learning dashboard for you and your team: Essential Motivators and Leadership Dashboard