Unleash the Opportunities

Family-Owned Businesses & Business Partnerships

A Developmental and Performance Approach

Deene Morris

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and for more than a decade was the co-founder and co-entrepreneur of a growing corporation. Today, my former business partner remains my dear friend. But that doesn’t mean it was easy! I know how exhilarating and exhausting it can be – all in one day. I can help you better communicate together, restore trust, and develop a business culture that embraces everyone’s vision and core values. Bottom line? A better work/life balance for all, with happier employees and a productive, innovative, creative and profitable business. 


When you’re ready to unleash the amazing opportunities within your family-owned business or partnership – We’re here to help – either online or on-site.


Multi-Generational Family Team Work

Multi-generational teams often pose challenges for a business.  Add in the family dynamic and those challenges get even more complicated.  Our approach is one of listening, respect and creating a safe zone for challenging the status quo and using a Shared Language that everyone understands. 

 Before you know it Millennials and Baby Boomers are working congruently side by side!

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

Succession planning is the easy part, making the transition is where the work begins.  Our approach is holistic – let’s determine the motivation, drive and talents of the stake holders and work together to create a systematic approach to ensure the transition is not only seamless for the team, but easy on the leadership.

Our process gives the stakeholders the tools they need for long term success.


Conflict Management & Effective Decision Making

All teams have conflict – which is a good thing!  Embracing a diversity of ideas leads to innovation.  The breakdown happens when people feel they can’t express their ideas and/or feelings without being judged.  We work closely with teams and leadership to create a “safe zone” – a place where leaders emerge on every level and ideas are bantered back and forth in a collaborative space.

No more frustrating team and family meetings!

Manage Yourself First…Manage Others Second 

 We’ll provide you the assessment, tools and insights to better understand how you’re showing up as a leader and the specific areas for successful skill development.

This deep dive approach not only leads to more productive leaders – but it creates far happier ones, too!

Helping Business Partners Create a Communication Process that Works

Does Your Business Partnership Need a Check-Up?

Most business partnerships need a regular check-in to ensure the lines of communication are open, and everyone is in the place they want to be and need to be.  

Our Process

Self-Assessment & Discovery

It all begins with YOU.

We begin by providing you the tools and insights to understand how you’re showing up to others, in your communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, problem solving and decision making. This road map allows you and your partners to successfully and creatively navigate the constant challenges you face.

Learning Activity Work

Core values & common vision.

This part is SO important!   Digging deep to make sure all stakeholders have a shared vision for the company and understand and live the Core Values set forth for the company. When partners understand WHY their company exists, it’s easier to define roles and lead creative and innovative teams.  This process is often eye opening and always fun!

Defined Roles

WHO is doing what.

As a business grows (and that is our goal!) so do the roles of the partners.  Grey areas will lead to frustration and conflict.   We spend time with the partners to create a road map for growth and clearly define the rolls each will play as the company evolves and matures.  It’s important to have the right people in the right seats at the right times.  More importantly we work to ensure everyone is doing the work that aligns with their strengths and makes them happy!

Accountability and Measurement

Good systems and processes.

Any good system or process has accountability built in.  It’s one thing to write down our plan of action and have the parties agree – it’s another to ensure everyone is doing what they agreed to. We work with the partners and often the teams to set up interpersonal KPIs for success, and ensure all parties understand the result of not following to the plan.   Because life happens, it’s important to know what happens when milestones are missed and how to address conflict.

Team Red Barn

Every Day Life!

It’s not always one and done.

 Many of our clients want ongoing support to help keep them accountable, and to successfully onboard new employees into their culture. This engagement is different for everyone – it may be weekly at times, monthly or even a bi-annual check-in and check-up.  The support is there if you need it!

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