Influence Style Indicator®

The most successful leaders and team contributors understand there is more than one way to influence or motivate others, and they adapt their style to the target audience and situation. The Influence Style Indicator ® assessment helps participants better understand and apply these styles to become more effective at influencing others.

Five Styles

  • Rationalizing: Using logic and reasoning to present your ideas
  • Asserting: Stating preferences clearly and applying pressure
  • Negotiating: Compromising and making concessions to find common ground
  • Inspiring: Influencing others through shared purposes and broad possibilities
  • Bridging: Engaging and connecting with others

Two Orientations

  • Advocating: Putting ideas forward and offering logical, rational reasons to convince others
  • Uniting: Advocating position by encouraging a shared sense of mission and possibilities

Our success depends upon our ability to successfully communicate, influence and persuade. If you need an engaging learning lens that is simple to understand but not simplistic, this is an excellent tool for you and your team.