Interaction Styles™

InterStrengthInteraction Styles™

Solve interpersonal conflict and develop new communication skills

One of our most popular retreat and team-building workshops!

The most successful teams consist of people with diverse skills, who trust one another and work well together. By understanding Interaction Styles, teams can take advantage of multiple perspectives and skills to achieve their goals and objectives.

Interaction Styles is a contemporary model based on observable behavior patterns developed by Dr. Linda Berens. It is a stand-alone model and also nests within Personality Type and Temperament. It is loosely correlated with DiSC; however, it is not a test but rather a system of learning to determine core versus developed communication styles and the inherent gifts within each.

The theory refers to patterns of interaction that are highly contextual and yet innate. Knowing our interaction style helps us locate interpersonal conflicts and situational energy drains. It gives us a map for greater flexibility in our interactions with others.

The Interaction Style lens provides insights into the ways we are naturally inclined to express ourselves. Learners will identify their core and developed styles and identify the gifts and challenges inherent in both.

Each of the four patterns captures the underlying core communication belief, drive, aim, talents and appearance with unique communication needs:

  • Chart-the-Course with an urgent need to anticipate
  • Behind-the-Scenes with an urgent need to integrate
  • Get-Things-Going with an urgent need to involve
  • In-Charge with an urgent need to accomplish

What are the Key Benefits of Interaction Communication Styles?

  • Increase individual self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Immediately improve communication skills and interpersonal relationships
  • Increase team trust, collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Identify individual and team blind spots and limiting behaviors
  • Improve decision making by embracing a diversity of perspectives

Through this behavioral learning lens, you will understand and value multiple perspectives, learn how to interact effectively with others, manage conflict when it occurs and flex your communication style to be better heard and understood.

Enthusiastically received and popular at every level within an organization, this workshop it well-suited for leadership, managers, teachers and anyone working with teams and the public.

We are certified providers through Linda Beren’s Interstrength Institute.

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