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Leadership Success

Leadership is Behavior, not Personality

Great leaders choose to serve as first among equals.

They are genuine, self-aware, and committed to their continued growth. They mentor these qualities in others. They know their strengths and blind spots, and are committed to the holistic development of their emotional intelligence and well-being. They know that leadership is learnable – they model the way and welcome the diversity on their teams. They create cultures of continuous feedback, trust, and risk taking.  They know that teams and cultures don’t change – people do.

People will do anything for good leaders. They’ll go above and beyond willingly, passionately.

Are you a seasoned leader committed to your ongoing self-awareness and growth?

Do you want to strengthen the leadership behaviors of your executive team?

Do you want to increase work satisfaction, create trust and foster commitment and loyalty?

Do you want to nurture leadership behaviors in your new and aspiring leaders?

Leadership is About Relationships

“First and foremost leadership is the relationship between you and your inner life, then between you and others.”

Deene Morris – Inspire Leadership, LLC

Leadership is about relationships

How We Work with You and Your Team – Online or On-site


It all begins with YOU. We provide you with the tools and insights to understand how you’re showing up to others, in your communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and decision making.

Better team management begins with better self-management!

Core Values

Are they working for you? Do they define the behaviors unique to success in your organization? Do they guide courageous conversations, performance evaluations, and recognition and rewards?

Your Core Values are a powerful return on investment tool. Put them to work today!

Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

We provide the tools, coaching, and insights to help team members resolve chronic interpersonal conflict – and successfully navigate new challenges together as they arise.

Help the team shift together to a win/win dialogue!


Do you believe your success depends upon strong relationships and problem solving? If so, you’ll benefit from building your emotional intelligence and communication skills. We provide the tools and practice for practical and tangible improvement and fulfillment.

Nothing happens without you. Your investment today helps ensure success tomorrow.

New Leadership Assimilation

Clients call us regularly to provide this training, and the outcome regularly exceeds their expectation.

Benefits include:

Increase comfort level and effectiveness of the new team. Identify potential issues for resolution

Enhance existing team’s understanding of the New Leader’s expectations

Enhance New Leader’s knowledge and awareness of existing team’s needs and expectations

Improve collaborative teamwork – foster understanding and camaraderie

Develop an agreement for how new team will work together

Increase effectiveness through deepened awareness of operational and interpersonal issues

Leadership. Three people on top of cliff

From Conflict to Creative Solutions

It’s healthy to disagree! Teams with diversity of thought take longer to make decisions – and they make better decisions, too.  We’ll help your team members better understand their differences in communication, motivation, information gathering and decision making styles. As a result, they will gain new respect, appreciation and trust to welcome differences and increase effective problem solving.

Management Re-Boot

Management isn’t an easy job. It requires the ability to manage up, down and across. Assertive communication to essential to motivate positive behavior and provide constructive feedback for behavior change. Clients regularly ask us for management training support. Skills gained are specific and often provide an immediate positive benefit.

EQ Leadership Coaching

85% of leadership success depends upon the “soft skills” to build safety and trust in interpersonal connections. We provide EQ and Psychological Type coaching so that you can leverage your talents, flex your influence and persuasion skills and identify your stress triggers and solutions. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of how you are showing up to others and make decisions on what you’d like to change for greater success and fulfillment.

Let's Get Started!

Our Process

Strategy Call – Let’s make sure it’s a fit!

Terms of Engagement – how we will work together

Emotional Intelligence – Uncover what makes each individual tick and why it matters to the success of the team

Team Work – Bringing it all together, watching it all work

Congruent Life – Next steps for life long success

Working with Us is EASY…and FUN!

We begin with a Strategy Call to ensure Inspire Leadership is the perfect fit for you and your organization. Once that is decided, we determine the course of action and time frame for engagement – then it’s off to the races!

We strive to make every client experience a fun one, filled with AHA moments, laughter, and immediate tools you can use to be a better leader and mentor.

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