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Let’s Fight Till Six, and Then Have Dinner

How to resolve a fight by avoiding You-Statements, and instead using I-Statements and Appreciative Repair.

Tell, Sell and Avoid, or Ask and Be Well

What is your Ask to Tell: Inquiry to Advocacy Ratio? Asking questions lead to discovery, trust and solutions.

Follow Your Bliss & Blisters: Leadership From the Inside Out

Be the leader from the inside out. And celebrate and share the bliss and blisters of your individual and collective experiences together.

EQ Delivers Your IQ

Your EQ is your delivery system. Your EQ delivers your IQ skills, knowledge and competence. If your EQ is underdeveloped, you are not delivering up to your value.

Dropping the Knife of Judgment

How do we move beyond our political rancor and division? Where do we find the foothold to move forward?

#Microjoy to Engage Optimism

With days away from the election and heading into a COVID winter, we are full on into disruption. Engage #microjoy for optimism and happiness.

How to Be Safe – Really

Ignoring Inclusion Safety is as deadly and negatively contagious as any pandemic. We need hand, head and heart all engaged for collaborative problem solving and solutions.

COVID-Brain Coping Relief

There are many excellent strategies for COVID coping. Validation is a maximum-effect-with-minimum-effort emotional intelligence practice that increases engagement and COVID Brain relief.

Who’s Your Team Toad? A Personal Path to Inclusion

Projection creates the categories of us and them. It’s our fast track to polarization, to exclusion, to the need to dominate what we fear we cannot control. It’s also a vicious circle because when we’re alienated from what is within us, we will aggressively attempt to control and subjugate what is without.

Don’t Be Fine: Your Team Needs You!

Fine is devoid of the emotional connection and sharing that is essential to professional success. Here are practical tips to invite greater engagement in your team meetings.

Dear Team: Don’t Fence Me In!

How Essential Motivator (Temperament) Theory helps us recognize our core psychological needs, values and talents, and better leverage our differences together.

Stay Strong! Show Your Emotions

In this time of chronic uncertainty, it can be a real struggle to know how to stay strong, carry on – and to show (or not to show) your emotions.

Welcome the Stranger: Close to You

Leadership is the practice of learning and adapting, rather than executing expertise. Humility, curiosity and vulnerability replace polarization as we collectively move things forward.

Reality Testing: A Lifeline in the Storm

Thriving on chaos is a core leadership skill, but when we don’t know where to point our compass, it’s stressful. We’ve lost a vital sense of control.

Why You Should Hoard Toilet Paper: The Upside of a Sick Situation

COVID 19 is our sickness, no doubt. But it just might just be our medicine and Great Connector, too. Key strategies to gain perspective and footing in challenging times.

Innovation Dis-ease? 3 Team Meeting Steps for Greater Vitality

Crises are emerging out of the blue. Now more than ever you need to identify signs of innovation dis-ease. Here are 3 symptoms and 3 steps you can take right now in your team meetings for better success.

The Ugly-Yellow-Cap Lady & Me: Owning Our Great Divide

Go find an opponent today. Listen beyond the facts to their feelings and values. See how it changes, calms and empowers you. Because it will.

Victor, Victorious! How Engagement Fuels Hardiness

Hardiness is not about winning, or glory, or one-upmanship. Instead it offers us inspiration and a path for regaining our energy in the three C’s…

Your EQ: Yes You Can Overdo!

Even an EQ strength can become a liability when we over-engage with it. Just like a muscle, we can get so comfortable we forget to engage other EQ skills.

Hardiness & Well-Being: How We Bounce Back Under Stress

Feeling lost in the fog, floating on a big ocean in a little boat without paddles? The Three C’s of Hardiness offer a path to meaningful fulfillment and stress management.

Lead with Your Longing: Belief is Bigger than Doubt

What compelling, impossible longing is calling you right now? Longing often blooms in the place where we just don’t know and have to relinquish control.

The Lightness of Should-Less:

When something really throws you off your schedule, do you overreact—even catastrophize—the simplest things? This is a moment that begs for flexibility, an essential EQ skill.

Restorative Daydreams

What makes you daydream? Freeing your mind from adult distractions and letting it dive into discovery may feed your creativity and restore your energy for the next task at hand.

This Thanksgiving: Whose Got Your Goat?

Take a tip from two 4th graders this holiday season. Quit the bickering and improve self-regard, too!

Two Rational Approaches to Decision Making

Where do you go FIRST in your decision making? Thinking or Feeling. Both are rational and both are essential for successful leadership.

Driven: To Meaningful Work and Play

How do you stretch and grow, and create meaningful goals in your work and play for your personal betterment and fulfillment?

Are You Plenty Empathetic in Plenty of Ways?

There’s nothing that will shut down and block a connection like a lack of empathy. It’s one of the most powerful and misunderstood emotional intelligence skills.

To Influence and Persuade

All requests move along a continuum of two opposites: Directing or Informing. We generally have a preference for one or the other, and the implications are significant.

Permanent Whitewater & The Skylight

Management consultant Peter Vaill calls it permanent whitewater. There’s no sense of an anchor or safe harbor on the shores. But we need a reprieve.

Building Resilience? Here’s a Bright Idea!

Within resiliency resides optimism. It’s a primary and necessary skill. When it’s in short supply, here’s a concrete suggestion of what to do.

For Growth and Fulfillment: Find Your Dish Pit

To begin again, anywhere, anyhow, Begin by doing the dishes. Find that unglamorous, uncomfortable, and yet radically illuminating place that’s calling you right now.

Dogs and Safety: What’s True for Them is True for You

We develop resilience, motivation, innovation, patience and persistence trust. We don’t get anywhere alone. We’re wired to connect!

Surviving Stress Bombs

When we don’t know what we don’t know until we don’t know it! A reflection on a stress bomb explosion and a road map to reset and recovery.

Before You Fire Him: Try This First!

How to move a difficult conversation away from pointing blame to one that is respectful and holds potential for a positive outcome.

To Hear Generously

The purpose of all listening is to move things forward. And it’s possible to build trust in under 2 minutes. Read more here, and then give it a try today.

The Contagious Wave

Ever yawn when someone else yawns? Laugh because someone else is laughing? That’s your mirror neurons allowing you to literally feel what others are feeling.

How’s Your Daily Grind?

Are you burning out from your daily grind? Shaping shifting to someone else’s dreams without regard for your core motivational needs?

The Adventure Continues: Thanks, Gardner Defoe

What does our professional life have in common with strangers in the wilderness? Actually, a lot. Solving complicated stuff, under duress, for extended periods of time…

How the Grit Grows Into the Pearl

Resiliency blossoms within meaningful relationships. Often the next best step isn’t to to solider forward but rather to take a risk and talk to someone.

Leadership & Hospitality: When Stranger is Guest

Leadership necessitates the practice of hospitality, welcoming the stranger and our vast differences, as guests at our table. This is how we unleash creativity and problem solving.

Baked or Half-Baked Cake?

A cake goes a long way in explaining introversion and extraversion in communication. How we compliment – and aggravate – one another.

Who’s Indispensable and Invisible on Your Team?

Do members of your team receive regular feedback on their significance, competence, value and worth? This is at the core of high-performing teams.

When the ROI Leaves Us Freezing Cold

When cost containment and ROI freezes the customer out, we’ve lost control of the relationship – the priceless asset. What’s really needed is to relinquish control and re-engage.

Feedback: The Most Undervalued EQ Skill

Feedback is your gift of data to your team, and is directly tied to psychological safety. It’s also grossly misunderstood, undervalued and underutilized.

From Dartboard to Directional Guide

A Values Statement should work hard for you. It’s your lighthouse in the storm and your compass pointing to True North.

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