Personality Type

Personality Type

Enable personalized development, support agile leadership, identify and understand cognitive dynamics, make better decisions

Deliver an integrated approach to personality type assessment and leadership development.

What is Personality Type?

Based on the original work of Carl Jung and expanded by Isabel Myers, the personality type model offers deep insights into our energy orientation in the world, preferred cognitive patterns to take in information and make decision along with our cognitive biases and blind spots, stress triggers and stress solutions. Millions of people around the world have used traditional personality type assessments, such as the MBTI® instrument, to better understand themselves and others.

We are certified as MBTI Master Practitioners with additional certifications through the Linda Berens Core Institute and Matrix Insights. As a result, we provide a depth of insight and application that our clients often do not experience elsewhere. We’ll take you and your team on a journey to separate core and developed skills and chart the path to sustained personal and professional success. We’ll also examine your team strengths, weaknesses and blind spots and determine how to assume different perspectives to arrive at the best decisions.

This lens is especially effective with new managers, high potential leaders and executive managers.

Benefits Include:

    • Leverage individual strengths and identify blind spots and stress triggers
    • Leverage team strengths and identify potential blind spots
    • Communicate effectively in challenging situations
    • Understand how different perspectives strengthen outcomes
    • Reduce conflict by applying an objective, rational framework
    • Enhance positive organizational character and culture
    • Gain insight into the fit between people and their jobs
    • Nurture and retain top talent
    • Create an environment of  mutual respect and trust
    • Develop leadership at every level

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