Team Success

Integrate Diversity to Increase Collaboration!

The most successful teams welcome and integrate a diversity of perspectives. In fact, this is the only way to effectively innovate and problem solve.

When all perspective are welcomed, positional and situational leaders emerge at every level. Opposing viewpoints are welcomed and dialogue is embraced with respect and rigorous dissection. In this environment, problems are discovered before they become crises and solutions are presented for resolution. There is an infectious, positive energy that directly impacts a robust bottom line

Integrate Diversity to Increase Collaboration!


Team Think! For Teams, Boards, Systems and Organizations

Team Think is a collaborative journey of chaos, confusion, disruption, innovation, reward and fulfillment. It’s healthy and productive. In contrast, Group Think presents itself as a team with little disagreement and often silent dissension and leads to a breakdown in problem solving.  Recognize any of these?

  • Team silos that don’t (or won’t) collaborate with one another?
  • Unproductive team meetings limited participation?  and ideas?
  • A void in innovation and problem solving? No one challenging the status quo?
  • Knowledge hoarding instead of knowledge sharing?
  • No interest in perspective shifting to see the problem through someone else’s viewpoint?

If any of the above made you stop and think…Team Think might just be the right solution for you! Embrace the diversity of ideas and leverage them to maximize results.

Business Partnerships

Lack of effective communication between Business Partners is the #1 reason the relationships fails. Do you recognize any of these signs of wear and tear?

  • Do you find yourself in a tug of war with your business partner over vision, values, and employee management?
  • Have you lost sight of why you started the business in the first place?
  • Are you losing your joy and energy for your business?
  • Are you frustrated by too many unresolved issues?
  • Is your company STUCK in the non-innovation zone?  Are you suffering because of it?

If it’s time for a reboot, call us. We help business partners thrive on their differences and realign with the mission and purpose of their work. 

Family-owned business

Family-Owned Businesses

We LOVE working with Family Business owners and their teams – helping them become the best version of themselves!

  • Are you grooming your next generation of leaders?
  • Do you have a succession plan?
  • Are you worried about future viability?
  • Do your discussions regularly end up in an argument without resolution?
  • Do you have a generational culture clash?


We help educators infuse Social & Emotional Learning into their Culture and Curriculum.

We train leadership first, then teachers,  in the 16 EQ elements  that correlate with our self-perception, our self-awareness, our interpersonal relationships (and social capital), our decision making skills, stress management skills and our optimism and overall happiness.

In return you receive the tools and training to improve problem solving, increase optimism and resiliency. You’ll also dramatically increase your positive and productive interpersonal relationships!

Deene Morris with Canton School Team

Grab a Cup of Coffee and Have a Read!

May 18, 2020

Stay Strong! Show Your Emotions

In this time of chronic uncertainty, it can be a real struggle to know how to stay strong, carry on – and to show (or not to show) your emotions. Use emotional engagement and emotional expression to create stronger teams and problem solving.

April 2, 2020

Welcome the Stranger: Close to You

Leadership is the practice of learning and adapting, rather than executing our expertise. It requires welcoming the Stranger as we would welcome guests to our table. Humility and vulnerability replaces polarization as we collectively move things forward. This is our call to action in COVID-19, and often the next steps is dangling right in front of our face.

March 26, 2020

Reality Testing: An Anchor in the Storm

Thriving on chaos is a core leadership skill, but when we don’t know where to point our compass, it’s stressful. We’ve lost a vital sense of control.