Client Stories and Transformations

Kevin D. Case, Superintendent of Schools, Canton CTDeene Morris is an amazing facilitator, coach and interpersonal guide! We started with our administrative team, and then the Board of Education to understand their own communication, motivation and leadership styles as well as their colleagues. We’ve now created an EQ Academy with a cohort of teachers and five workshops in a year. Our teachers enthusiastically embrace this learning and are integrating the social and emotional language into their classrooms. We even have an EQ workshop for parents – and use our new language in our hiring process to determine the specific EQ skills needed for a job position. The learning is contagious and spreading wide and deep.  Deene presents materials clearly, asks effective questions, and facilitates engaging activities. These experiences greatly enhance our team’s communication with one another. Deene is not only knowledgeable, she is able to personalize her presentations to meet her audience’s learning styles.

Kevin D. Case, Superintendent of Schools, Canton CT

Kevin O'Connell PT, MBA, CEO, Geer Corporation, Senior ServicesThere is a direct correlation between Deene’s work with our organization and our improved bottom line. Employee retention is up, while sick and overtime utilization is down. I see increased collaboration within my leadership team, new skills being used to successfully resolve team and interdepartmental conflict, better skills to coach direct reports – overall a happier, more motivated, engaged and invested work force. So despite being pulled away from their demanding work for training, our staff remains energized to learn and develop new interpersonal skills. Even the most skeptical employees are buying in with positive, behavior changes. It’s exciting and inspiring. If you are looking to take your organization to a higher functioning and positive culture, I highly recommend Deene.

Kevin O'Connell PT, MBA, CEO, Geer Corporation, Senior Services

More Client Testimonials of Transformation

Workshop, Seminars & Retreats – an Inside Look

Our workshops are insightful, engaging, fun and practical. Below are highlights from recent events where are clients have given us permission to share their smiling faces. Call us to learn more and add value to your upcoming conference, retreat, membership event or learning and development workshop.

2019 CABE/CAPSS CONVENTION Every Student, Every Story

Social and Emotional Learning: It Takes a Village and Begins With You  

I had the privilege of presenting with the Superintendent of the Canton Public Schools, the Board of Education Chair and an educator on the individual and collective impact of our social and emotional learning initiative together. The workshop was packed with people and there was a generous exchange of ideas and emotional intelligence behaviors and practices.

Living a Congruent Life with Lionel Ketchain & Dr. Bernie Siegel

On February 24, 2020 I had the good fortune to be the guest speaker for the call-in Happiness University program with Lionel Ketchain and Dr. Bernie Siegel from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

With an engaged and participatory audience, we energetically covered the interpersonal adventures of happiness including servant-leadership, psychological safety, how to listen deeply, Jungian Psychological Type (known through the MBTI) and how all of this ties to living a fulfilling and congruent life.

New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (NEACRAO)

I had the pleasure of presenting two years in a row at the Summer Development Conference: Essential Motivators: Meet Your CORE Needs, Harness Your Talents and Energize (2019); Interaction Styles: Enhance Communication and Enable High-Performing Teams (2018)

The most successful teams consist of people with diverse skills, who trust one another and work well together. Together we explored differing communication styles and perspectives, along with core motivational patterns. Participants applied this new awareness to themselves, team members, students, parents and the many others stakeholders they serve.

Canton Public Schools

The EQ Academy

In partnership with Kevin Case, Canton School Superintendent, we are now in our second of three years providing a full-year, EQ Academy for educators. The workshops are charged with positive energy, insightful reflection and application to self, team and students. Course material to date includes Emotional Self-Awareness, Emotional Expression, Self-Regard, Interaction Communication Styles © Assertiveness and Problem Solving. We also work with the Board of Education and provide parent workshops.

A Behavioral Health Coalition Retreat

Building Strong Relationships with Diverse Constituencies

On a snowy Saturday in November, a behavioral health coalition group gathered from across Connecticut to engage together as a team and to explore opportunities to strengthen relationships with diverse constituencies. Utilizing the four behavioral patterns of Interaction Communication Styles,  participants differentiated between their core and developed styles and then applied the learning to relationships they would like to improve.  The small, intimate group allowed for deep exploration and a collaborative exchange of ideas and learning.

Leadership Northwest

Personality Type for High-Performing Teams

Leadership Northwest is a program designed to develop resourceful, motivated business leaders who are committed to making Northwest Connecticut a better place to live and work. In this yearly, one-day kick-off training, participants identify their cognitive preferences for taking in information and making decisions. The learning is applied individually for greater self-awareness and to new team members to leverage the strength in differences. It is always a fun, insightful and energetic learning experience.

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