Client Stories and Transformations

There is a direct correlation between Deene’s work with our organization and our improved bottom line. Employee retention is up, while sick and overtime utilization is down. I see increased collaboration within my leadership team, new skills being used to successfully resolve team and interdepartmental conflict, better skills to coach direct reports – overall a happier, more motivated, engaged and invested work force. So despite being pulled away from their demanding work for training, our staff remains energized to learn and develop new interpersonal skills. Even the most skeptical employees are buying in with positive, behavior changes. It’s exciting and inspiring.

If you are looking to take your organization to a higher functioning and positive culture, I highly recommend Deene.

Kevin O'Connell PT, MBA, CEO, Geer Corporation, Senior Services

More stories that make us smile…

Workshop, Seminars & Retreats – an Inside Look

Our workshops are insightful, engaging, fun and practical. Below are highlights from recent events where are clients have given us permission to share their smiling faces. Call us to learn more and add value to your upcoming conference, retreat, membership event or learning and development workshop.

Canton Public Schools

The EQ Academy

In partnership with Kevin Case, Canton School Superintendent, we are providing a full-year, EQ Academy for educators. The workshops are charged with positive energy, insightful reflection and application to self, team and students. Course material to date includes Emotional Self-Awareness, Emotional Expression, Self-Regard, Interaction Communication Styles © Assertiveness and Problem Solving.

A Behavioral Health Coalition Retreat

Building Strong Relationships with Diverse Constituencies

On a snowy Saturday in November, a behavioral health coalition group gathered from across Connecticut to engage together as a team and to explore opportunities to strengthen relationships with diverse constituencies. Utilizing the four behavioral patterns of Interaction Communication Styles ©, participants differentiated between their core and developed styles and then applied the learning to relationships they would like to improve.  The small, intimate group allowed for deep exploration and a collaborative exchange of ideas and learning.

Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce: Leadership Northwest

Enabling High-Performing Relationships and Teams

Leadership Northwest is a program designed to develop resourceful, motivated business leaders who are committed to making Northwest Connecticut a better place to live and work. In this yearly, one-day training, participants identified their core and developed personality preferences and applied this learning to their work environment and new team members. It was a full-day and packed with practical application. This was the first time the group had formally met together. However, you can see by the comfortable, smiling faces that trust and appreciation for differences was quickly gained.

New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers

Enabling High Performing Teams

The most successful teams consist of people with diverse skills, who trust one another and work well together. In this workshop, participants gained an appreciation for differing communication styles and perspectives, an understanding of specific stress triggers and solutions, and the ability to flex one’s communication style to be better heard and understood. While this photo captures participants in a contemplative mood, there was A LOT of laughter, aha! moments and goodwill throughout the day.

The Alliance - Voice of Community Nonprofits

Positive Stress Management for the Non-Profit Professional

Non-profit professionals are under tremendous pressure to meet increasing client demand with tight or decreasing budgets. Back by popular demand, this workshop combined emotional intelligence and communication skill development to more successfully manage relationships with peers, direct reports and supervisors. Participants received practical tips and information, and practiced their learning together in one-on-one conversation and small group breakouts.

Farmington Valley Superintendents’ Association Student Recognition Awards Program

Servant-Leadership: The Leadership Journey of Serving as a First Among Equals

I had the privilege of presenting as the guest speaker at the Farmington Valley Superintendents’ Association Student Recognition Awards Program. With 12 school systems and 24 schools present – a total of 24 students received awards for their leadership contributions and initiatives. I had the honor of recognizing their leadership responsibilities and the emotional intelligence skills that enable their success.